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October 1, 2012: Magic Items? Third Time's The Charm!

You can never have enough magic in your life and that's true whether you're clearing out a dungeon, tinkering with your clockwork automaton, or flying through space. Wait .*.*. what? Newly uploaded to e23, GURPS Classic: Magic Items 3 includes another collection of occult-energized artifacts. However, in addition to goodies of interest to a fantasy world including mummy powder, bridgestones, and decoy staves this supplement expands its selection by offering possibilities of interest to other settings. Wield the magical revolver Prairie Mercy in a magical Old West setting. Entangle ghosts with a spirit rope in GURPS Technomancer. Power a spaceship using only your mind .*.*. and a magic-fueled drive core. And much more!

Push the envelope of magical thinking, with GURPS Classic: Magic Items 3. Now not even the sky's the limit!

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: Fight Evil And Kick Some Nazi Butt Only With Hellboy!

The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game is a great resource for fans, or for those who want to include everyone's favorite lovable cat-loving pancake-devouring evil-fighting demon in their GURPS campaigns! These babies are almost gone, so get your's fast. Only at Warehouse 23!