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Campaign Summary Genre: Dark Future
System Used: Pathfinder/Homebrew World
Style: 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Game Location Street Address: Online
Game Times Frequency: Weekly
Days of Week: Monday
Online Game Details Online Game?: Yes
Online Software Used: Maptools/Skype
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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Thread: The World of Verum

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    The World of Verum

    Hey Pen and Paper! Its been quite some time since my last thread as I have been extremely busy with so many groups. I am happy to announce that my great amount of success has given me the ability to expand. I am now looking for a new group of players. I have fully developed a game world based of a playtest of hundreds of people of my main campaign and I am now proud to announce that I have several campaigns available for many styles of play. I can now take players of any skill level and playstyle. As of right now I am showcasing at Gamecon Memphis, Tennessee. I will not be back until Monday on the 1st, of October. I greatly look forward to running for as many of you as I can!

    First, a little about me.

    I have been DMing for about 12 years and in that time I have playtested and edited my world and game standards immensely. I take my craft as a DM seriously, I have taken acting classes and singing classes to perfect my RP. I am also currently in school for an English degree to help improve my writing. I -love- to DM and I can proudly say that this year I was able to begin doing it as my profession.

    What does that mean you may ask? Well, the straight up truth is that people pay to play in my games, now to some that might seem strange or sacrilege, but I make an honest living, that provides entertainment for people, and I already have 6 currently active groups that will have no problem telling you why they use my services and several others that have played with me in the past that would'nt mind telling you if its worth it or not. I only ask that you at least -try- the game. The first one is always free and there is no obligation to keep playing.The price is 7 USD (U.S. dollar) a session, most games are weekly with a 4 hour block. I believe the price is about as much as one might throw down for pizza at a freind's house so I wanted to keep the price as reasonable as possible. The main site that I have recruited on is temporarily down so I will post links to my old threads later.

    A link to my old PnP thread that should have my main TTW thread in it.
    The link above is for my longest running campaign that is actually the prequel for the game world, that is not the only campaign I have available. There are many choices!

    In the end, I have put my life's work into this game, all I ask is the opportunity to share it with you. I hope to hear from you fine people soon and I can not wait to run for you!

    Skype name Arcadum (you do not have to speak, just be able to hear me.)
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