Here is my post-game writings on the few adventures my group had (before above-table drama between a few players essentially killed not only that game, but any potential for that group to ever play again ). I just wanted to put it up as some sort of inspiration for other GMs. Also, I run a gaming club for my students at school and they want to play a Supers! campaign, so all hope is not lost on that front.

Anyhow, without further ado:

The Praetorians!

World -

Earth (Primus)

Time -

Modern day

Place -

San Alvario, California - Population: 3,700,000

Notable Setting Elements -

San Alvario is the Western point of the contiguous United States due to additional construction on the coast similar to Japan. Because of this it is also named Edge City.

It has only had one major hero team in its history, The Liberty Brigade, back in the late 70s during the rise of vigilantes, metahumans, and the decay of traditional police forces due to shrinking budgets and new threats that were difficult to combat on a large scale. The Liberty Brigade achieved some fame as one of the only West Coast Superhero teams to last for more than a few years. They eventually disbanded in the mid 90s due to age and deaths in the group.

Hero teams, similar to sports teams, vary from city to city. Some cities have multiples, some have none at all. On the East Coast it is much more common not only to have active hero teams, but to have city-sanctioned hero teams. In addition there have been a number of groups who have gained international notoriety. The West Coast, even in its heyday, never achieved anything near that sort of recognition.

San Alvario Police Department

S.A.P.D. Members -

Chief Ethan Harris -

A moustachioed, cigar-chomping, hard working police veteran who has been serving the people of San Alvario for 18 years now as their chief of police. He is a good man, but in order to maintain the peace when faced with so many varied threats to public order and constantly shrinking funds and manpower, he has become a hard-liner out of necessity

Detective Michols -

S.A.P.D.'s head narcotics officer. Constantly overworked trying to combat the high influx of drugs through Edge City's port. He is a good cop with a sarcastic sense of humor, but his hair is already graying from the stress of his job.

Officer Mack Carlton -

A black and white officer who has been on the force long enough to earn his keep, but yet to really do anything significant. He and his wife Melissa are expecting a baby girl soon. Often pulls guard duty in the Pit.

Aspects -

The Department possesses some power nullifying shackles and a small selection of specialized weaponry on loan from the D.M.A.

The precinct house is located on the outskirts of the governmental district.

A nearby lot has had a large portion dug out and a small structure built in the center. Nicknamed The Pit, it is able to contain half a dozen metahuman prisoners and an on-duty officer, surrounded by floodlights and watchtowers. While not anything like the high-security prisons such as Lockdown and Fort Campbell further north, it is sufficiently secure to hold villains until D.M.A. can have them safely shipped out.

The Department of Metahuman Affairs or D.M.A.

A far-reaching organization that handles everything from metahuman legislation to enforcement and containment. Though the Department's founding goal was to "Foster strong connections and peaceful cooperation between the metahuman population and civil society", like many government organizations its power, purview, and size have vastly expanded after almost forty years of operation.

While many of the resources it uses to combat and/or capture metahumans is unknown (either due to lack of use or direct cover-up to avoid investigation), the D.M.A. does keep extensive records on metahuman activity in the United States and abroad. It has pioneered power-nullifying technology and broken ground in creating numerous devices which aid local law enforcement in containment of their villainous population.

The D.M.A. regularly updates a handbook on Metahuman law enforcement and provides this, in addition to other resources, to cities across the country. It is also responsible for transporting long-term prisoners to maximum security facilities.

As there has yet to be a case where major super villainy has not be countered by heroes, the D.M.A. has never been directly involved in any large-scale conflict with metahumans. However, it is rumored that they employ a number of smaller organizations and train them regularly to face perceived threats. The names, composition, and M.O. of these groups is unknown at this time.