You are Liberty Force, recruited by the Liberty City Police Department to act as its super-powered special response team a little over a year ago. Things have been quiet though, too quiet, agonizingly quiet in're bored. The papers have begun to turn on the Chief and the Mayor for wasting tax payer money on an unnecessary super-squad.

Things began to change a few weeks ago. People in LC's underworld began to get pounded, smooshed remains have been turning up all over. Something big, strong, and ruthless has begun to move on the criminal underground. It has become obvious that someone is brutaly crafting a criminal kingdom at the expense of the various crime families that have long operated in the city. The Chief wants a name, the Mayor wants the killings to stop, and the press, well, the press is thriving on the chaos and carnage on account of all the papers they're selling.

The Chief calls you in one afternoon, along with a small crowd of detectives and cops. Chomping on a cigar, he begins. "Gentlemen, it's time to earn your keep. As you all know, something's going down, a super's been making a mess of the various families around town. Haven't been able to get a name on the perp though. Everyone's scared." His staccato speech is accented by a puff on his cigar before he continues.

"Got a call today. Fella named Benito Laguna wants to come in. Wants to talk. Might be the break we need. Only problem is, he says he's scared, thinks people are on to him. Thinks he'll get whacked and soon. Mr Laguna says he'll come in IF I send Liberty Force to protect him. So, go to 123 4th Street and extract Mr Laguna. Here's his contact number, " he writes a phone number on the board. "He said to call when you get to the apartment at the address and he'd tell you where he is excactly. Bring him back safe and sound. Unmarked cars will set up perimeter two blocks out in case things go south. No mistakes. Any questions?"

If you have an aptitude or power that you think might be useful here, or at any point in the game, go ahead and describe what you're doing and make the roll so we don't have to have multiple posts to cover an action (in other words don't ask first, wait for reply, then roll the action). If it's not appropriate, I'll let you know, but I'm pretty open to ideas!