Hello everyone, I joined Pen and Paper due to the fact that I spent many years playing D&D. I love the game and the people I played with. The only problem was finding a place to call home when playing well after many years and finding the right person that thought the way I did, we decided to do just that; make a pernament home. PJ Gamers will be opening up here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma hopefully by the end of the year. http://www.pjgamersllc.com/ It will not only house online gaming for both PC and Xbox, Playstation but have a complete side set up for table top gamers....This is the first posting Ive made of the sight and parts of it are still under construction but I wanted to get the word out now, it is coming fellow gamers, it is coming soon......I hope to see alot of fellow players alot more when we open.

Safe Travels