Thanks to some new writers at Arcanum Syndicate we have recently released more of the Chaos Contracts. These are great tools for game masters running scifi, post apocalyptic, and dark future roleplaying games. They are actually bundles of at least 10 contracts that the game master uses as props to hand out to the crew (players). They include all the information that is needed for the crew to do a mission or job. Each contract includes the mission type, target, briefing, and payment, as well as the contact in which your crew must report to for information or payment once the contract is completed.

The new contracts are Tides of Sin, the Dark Brotherhood contracts (for those evil crews out there who enjoy terrorist missions), and Geometric Progressive. You may find these PDFs for sale at drivethrurpg, and

Please check out the new products from Arcanum Syndicate and download some of the free files there. Even if you do not play Chaos 6010 A.D. you can always use these jobs for other games. Good luck to everyone in your struggles and keep on gaming my brothers and sisters.

You can always check us out on Facebook at Chaos 6010 A.D. ask questions and get the news on the latest products.

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