I am looking for a group on the outer Cape, anywhere from P'town to Orleans. It'd be nice to sit around a table and talk to people face-to-face. But since I know I live on the Edge of Nowhere, on-line is fine. I have skype and I used to play on WanWic. Shame that went down, kind of need a new home for my Sleepwalker/Mage. Conversely, I play all sorts of games, Pathfinder, Mutants & Masterminds, Legend of the 5 Rings, Rifts, Champions, etc, and I'm open to try new stuff. More of a role-player, but I always like a good fight scene.

Important to know, since everyone games for different reasons:

1.) I game to hang with friends.
2.) I game for fun. I do not define "fun" as killing other PCs, rape/torture games, and evil-always-wins. If that's your gaming style, you keep on keeping. I'mma be elsewhere.
3.) I game for a good story and to kill the bad guys.

That's what I'm looking for, folks. If that's what you're about, drop me a line.


"So say we all." -BSG