Welcome True-Believers!

Basic info:
What: Dungeons and Dragons Next
Where: Oakland, close by Lake Merritt BART station
When: Saturdays, noon till evening

Are you searching for an adventure that's
over the river and through the woods to kick Orc Grandmother's butt you go!? Then this group would invites you to join in our hi-jinks! Our group is running the Dungeons and Dragons Next so join our four awesome dungeon delving, great acting, heiny-whooping gamers.

If your down to game Saturdays weekly, 12pm till later than even and can commute OR I can pick you up at BART, then your welcome to contact me, Randy.

Email me at and tell me about yourself @

are/and/why/@/gmail/com. (just remove the characters to email me, this is to prevent spam)

Thank you very much!