I've been out of tabletop gaming for quite a while. I was thinking of getting back into it but I'm debating whether it's worth the time investment, partly based on my past experiences. These are the pros and cons I'm weighing.

1) When I last stopped playing, I was developing a homebrew system, but I never had the chance to test it. If I got back into tabletop, I could resurrect this project. I've always wanted to see this through.
2) I'm getting sick of video games. Actually, I've been sick of them for a while. I've been thinking about taking another run through the Baldur's Gate series to get my gaming fix, but I'm having nothing but headaches with the mods I want to use. Things like this aren't a problem with tabletop gaming.
3) It's more fun to hang out with people than play staring at a computer screen.

1) I'm in my 30s. I know, a lot of people still game in their 30s, but it was rather frowned upon by my friends/family when I was younger, nevermind at this age.
2) The main reason why I left gaming was my last two gaming groups. We were all in our 20s, so nobody had any excuse to be immature. In Group A, the GM was a total prick. Gaming, for him, was just an excuse to live out his failed dreams of becoming an actor/director/whatever. One of the other players was of a similar way. He was a total douche and used gaming to work that out of his system. In Group B, the GM smoked a lot of pot. I mean, a LOT of pot. On one hand, it's great if you like pot...and I certainly don't hate it. On the other hand, he ran this homebrew system/setting that must have been telepathically beamed to him by aliens from Neptune, because nothing made a damn bit of sense. I blame the pot. The bottom line is that both groups were really lame, and the reality of the experience didn't match up with my expectations.
3) I live in the middle of nowhere. The fact that I was previously in not one, but two, gaming groups was practically a miracle.
4) To be honest, I'm a crappy RPer. I don't care to perform at/pretend that I'm something I'm not. Douche gamer from Group A was really into it, and I get why that's part of it, but it holds no appeal for me. I'm more into the actual "game" aspect of it. The story is great to provide context and flavor, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy just being me.
5) Time commitments and reliability. Something like a video game can be picked up and played casually at one's whim. Not that I wouldn't be able to fit a gaming group into my schedule, but between working, vocational training, volunteer work, and family/friends, it would be a tight fit.
6) Regarding my game design interests, I could always just make board games instead. It's not as elaborate as a tabletop RPG, but it might still be fun.

It does seem like a lot more cons than pros, but if you measure them qualitatively, it's pretty neck and neck. So, anyone have an opinions? Thanks.