Hi all,

Seems like i only get on here to ask for help and never have any feedback so I apologize for that. We're starting a new campaign and I'm rolling with a duskblade. I've already chose a large amount of knowledge skills because I want to qualify for the knowledge devotion feat. However, when we were looking at the feat tonight, none of us (including the DM) are clear on the knowledge devotion feat. As an arcane / warrior type class, the DM is saying that I'd need to dip into a divine class with the knowledge domain in order to qualify for the knowledge devotion feat. It's still very early and I have a lot of time to work with, but I'd like to know if that's the case. From the handbook that I've read, it didn't say anything about needing a divine dip to qualify. Can anyone provide reasoning either for or against why I should or should not qualify for the knowledge devotion feat based on NOT having a dip into a divine class? My DM is extremely open as long as I can provide justification. As always, your help if greatly appreciated.