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Mordenkainen's School for Wizards
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Thread: Mordenkainen's School for Wizards

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    Mordenkainen's School for Wizards

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    Hello young wizards,
    my name is Mordenkainen, and I have noticed that this board has very few new threads. Hence, I have decided arbitrarily to begin a thread for apprentice wizards who wish to learn how to be powerful at their craft.
    If you're in it for the role-playing, or you don't like optimization, this is not the thread for you. Note that this will not be a munchkin, chain-wish or rule bending thread either. It is simply how to use the options available to make a powerful mage.
    Ask any question you want on school specialization, focused specialization, prestige classes, etc. I can answer, or try to answer, them all. If you're looking for a list of good spells to use, I have a compilation, and I can also provide information on what good variants you can find in various 3.5 sourcebooks.
    So ask away.

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    Abjuration. The school of warding, protection and defense. Abjuration is a good, solid school. It has many good spells, options, is a master at counterspelling, and has been treated nicely by such books as the Spell Compendium and Complete Mage.

    Specialize: Specializing in Abjuration isn't a bad idea, and makes for a good character concept (paranoid?). Focused Specialization (giving up 3 schools and 1 spell per level per day in return for +3 spells per day of that school) is a bad idea. I am currently playing a focused abjurber, and I must say that it was not a good idea. The school is too limited for that level of focus.

    Prestige Classes: without a doubt, Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil (complete arcane) is the perfect prestige class for an abjurber. You essentially never die and have the ultimate protection with this prestige class, which is 7 levels long. You have to 9th level to qualify and there are a lot of feats to take though.
    Taking levels in the Master Specialist will fulfill almost all those requirements though! Master Specialist is a good idea for fast qualification and some extra abilities that are somewhat nice.
    Finally Archmage and Abjurbant Champion (normal spell progression but also good base attack, bonus abilities and a d10 hit die, perfect for fighter/wizards) are also good choices.

    Spells: The following are the good, solid spells of the Abjuration school:
    0- resistance

    1st- alarm, endure elements, protection from X

    2nd- arcane lock, protection from arrows, resist energy, earth lock

    3rd- dispel magic, explosive runes, protection from energy, antidragon aura, reverse arrows, sign of sealing, magic circle against X

    4th- lesser globe of invulnerability, remove curse, stoneskin, ray deflection, ray of deanimation, mass resist energy, wall of X

    5th- break enchantment, dismissal, contingent energy resistance, lesser ironguard, indomitability, reciprocal gyre, refusal, wall of dispel magic, zone of respite

    6th- antimagic field, greater dispel magic, globe of invulnerability, repulsion, aura of evasion, ruby ray of reversal, seal portal, greater sign of sealing, guards and wards

    7th- banishment,spell turning, antimagic ray, energy immunity, ironguard, hide from dragons

    8th-mind blank, prismatic wall, spell engine, wall of greater dispel magic

    9th- imprisonment, mordenkainenís disjunction, prismatic sphere, effulgent epuration, maw of chaos, reaving dispel, unbinding, absorbation

    Other Options: there are a few extra options for abjurbers, but they are not wonderful, really. A specialist Abjurber is a force to be reckoned with, and should focus on warding himself, his allies, blocking enemy magic, and using his non-abjuration spells to his advantage.

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    Good thread. Too bad 185 views and no comments.

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    i like. any motivation to continue on to the other schools?
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