The party is at level 8 at the moment, and the game is based in Eberron.
We usually play every other Sunday and we start around 2 or when everyone gets there; and we usually end around 6-7 depending on how everyone feels.
There are four of us, and a fifth who shows up when he can (which sadly is not very often at the moment because of his job).

At the moment we have these characters:
Halfling Cleric
Human Rogue
Kalashtar Psion(shaper)
Human Fighter
Dwarf Sorcerer

The story right now is involving the Quori, Reidra, and Inspired as enemies a lot. If you're interested in learning more about what the party has done so far I try to keep an updated page here, following their adventure.

If you interested just let me know, I am pretty laid back about rules, I follow some of the rules in the books, but not all. We like to play to have fun more than anything else.

There will always be children present so there are occasionally distractions, although they are generally well behaved.