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Thread: Aijalon

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    Aijalon: My rpg, Questions and Advice

    hey, im new here and looking for advice with my pet hobby, a game that i created back in my early twenties, this will be my base thread, any extra advice i need i will ask here

    years ago i made a terribly unbalanced and unweildy game called Aijalon, its a fantasy melee and magic world, ive rehashed it several times and finally have a balanced and simple to play game which i call version 3.5, in which i changed the dice system and pretty much all the rules.

    i have most things sussed out, but am running into trouble taking it from my many notebooks and drawing pads to its semi-final form on my laptop. (and then to a beautiful printed and bound book edition)

    i have all the classes, races, starsigns, deities, corruptions, world maps, legends, artifacts, special abilities, skills, focus skills, items, weapons, magic, lists and charts out the wazoo and a creation system for making all your own spells and items and weapons etc but need them in a professional order.

    so my first question:

    1) can anyone point me the way to a coherent layout for an rpg rulebook?
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