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Thread: Aijalon

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    Aijalon: My rpg, Questions and Advice

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    hey, im new here and looking for advice with my pet hobby, a game that i created back in my early twenties, this will be my base thread, any extra advice i need i will ask here

    years ago i made a terribly unbalanced and unweildy game called Aijalon, its a fantasy melee and magic world, ive rehashed it several times and finally have a balanced and simple to play game which i call version 3.5, in which i changed the dice system and pretty much all the rules.

    i have most things sussed out, but am running into trouble taking it from my many notebooks and drawing pads to its semi-final form on my laptop. (and then to a beautiful printed and bound book edition)

    i have all the classes, races, starsigns, deities, corruptions, world maps, legends, artifacts, special abilities, skills, focus skills, items, weapons, magic, lists and charts out the wazoo and a creation system for making all your own spells and items and weapons etc but need them in a professional order.

    so my first question:

    1) can anyone point me the way to a coherent layout for an rpg rulebook?
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    Aijalon is a fantasy rpg, its main points are:
    Fighting chaos and withstanding Corruption, your final goal is to stop the emergence of chaos into the world.
    Creating items, spells and magic artifacts.
    Having your powers scale with your skill.

    This is my "rough" draft for content order.
    Aijalon v3.5.

    Introduction. (explaining game type and why you should play it)
    Overview (a quick run down on Aijalon, the emergence of chaos and its world setting)

    Content page:

    Chapter One: Your Character.
    part one: character creation.
    part two: character stats and skills (inc race, class, starsign, deity, attributes, skills, wounds etc)
    part three: corruptions (how they are gained/removed and their effects)

    Chapter Two: Items.
    part one: durability, core materials, quality.
    part two: creating items, enhancing with magic, creating magic consumables.
    part three: Repairing and Improving items.
    part four: Buying items, how to haggle, quality vs price, price list of items and materials.

    Chapter Three. Spells.
    part one: spell schools, fire/earth/stone/air/nature/death. how to learn and cast.
    part two: spell creation, how to do so.
    part three: sample spells for each school of magic.

    Chapter Four: Damage and Healing.
    part one: types of damage. physical, aggravated, magic, poison, disease.
    part two: types of healing. natural, magical, prayers. healing others.

    Chapter Five: Game Mechanics.
    part one: game terms, rolling dice, actions.
    part two: using skills and focus skills.
    part three: combat, order of play, how to attack/defend.

    Chapter Six: Lists and Charts.
    part one: all the lists and charts eg corruptions, scars, traps, terrain diff.
    part two: quick reference. condensed lists of previous entries in book, eg all racial modifiers in list form.

    Chapter Seven: Aijalon.
    part one: geography. maps/cities/calender/capitals/places of interest
    part two: the gods. the God Wars, True gods, lesser deities.
    part three: world history. The Chaos lord, the chaos crystals and armour. the coming of chaos. legends, myths, famous battles, continent history etc.

    Index: to help people find info.

    Does this flow right? should particular chapters/parts be in a different order? am i missing some vital infomation?
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