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Thread: Knowledge of the Ancients (FAQ)

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    Knowledge of the Ancients (FAQ)

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    How/What do I roll?
    For the majority of circumstances, you roll a number of 10-sided dice equal to the attribute being tested, with each die that shows a result greater than or equal to the "target number" (TN) counting as a success. In most situations, 1 success is all that's necessary to accomplish a task, but many situations are contested and the side with the most successes claims victory.

    Umm...How do I get XP/level up?
    There is no XP. You remember those Spiritual Attributes you had to make up, like "Passion: Getting women naked (2)"? Well, not only do they get added to your rolls in appropriate situations, acting in accordance with your SAs gets you more of them (at my discretion, acting contrary to your SAs will lower them as well). So if you do manage to seduce the barmaid. I'd let you increase that Passion to 3. You level up by permanently spending your SAs to improve an aspect of your character. You get those SAs back by acting in accordance with them...see how this goes? So by acting in character, you can be in a constant state of improvement.
    • Current Attribute Level (Cost to Raise It)
    • 1(1)
    • 2(2)
    • 3(4)
    • 4(7)
    • 5(10)
    • 6(13)
    • 7(16)
    • 8(19)
    • 9(22)

    The Cost of Raising a Combat Proficiency is equal to the current level of proficiency, thus going from 3 to 4 in Doppelhander costs 3 SAs.

    The Cost of Raising a Sorcerous Proficiency (Vagary) is double the current level, plus one. So going from Apprentice (2) to Master (3) of Summoning would cost 5 SAs (2*2+1)

    Skills are usually improved through use. Every successful use under duress grants an (x). When three such checks are gained, test MA against TN (15-Skill's Current Rating). Success lowers the SR 1 point and removes the checks. Failure loses 2 checks with no change; a Fumble, all three.
    Alternatively, one can spend to SAs to grant an MA test, but they are lost regardless of the result. Purchasing an altogether new skill costs 2 SA to receive at a Rating of 9.

    I will be implementing Encumbrance and Fatigue rules regarding armor and equipment.

    I know the combat system and the emphasis on realistically depicting it is very much-emphasized, but only as a counter to the role-play. Combat is super-deadly/realistic so that not everyone wants to raid dungeons and whack goblins. Battles require planning and are probably better avoided in any case. Don't get overly caught up in the mechanics; just RP what you want done, and we'll work out actually making it happen.

    New Spiritual Attribute - Oath
    In some ways, an Oath is similar to a Passion, but where a passion is a deep love (or hatred) of a single person or entity, an Oath is a binding agreement with a person, group or organization to do (or not to do) a specific thing or task. It’s not necessary to love or even like a person or group that you are Oathbound to, the important factor is the character’s personal honor and commitment to do what he has sworn to do regardless of personal cost or other factors. In some situations, an Oath may therefore be very similar to the Conscience SA, but it doesn’t have to be. A character could just as easily have an Oath to do something that he knows is wrong but he feels bound to do it anyway (or he’s being paid to do it, or someone is going to kill his wife if he doesn’t do it, or…)

    Oath Spiritual Attribute dice may be added to any roll that significantly furthers or defends the character’s Oath, and after such rolls the character may (GM discretion) receive a bonus point in the Oath. Similarly, attempting to get around the Oath or work against it may lose one or several points...

    In the Core Book, Missile attacks, if successful are simply assumed to hit the torso. Being unrealistic, I am making the following change:

    Upon a successful Missile Attack, roll 2d6 and consult the Missile Zone chart (below). For every CP an archer sets aside as part of the attack they may modify the roll by +/- 1 (this does not include the benefit from major or minor Accuracy, which can be used separately (like for the final landing spot)).

    • 2: Head (Zone XIII)
    • 3-4: Arm(Zone XIV, choose randomly)
    • 5-6: Torso(Zone XII)
    • 7: Torso (Zone XI)
    • 8-9: Torso (Zone X)
    • 10-11: Upper Legs (Zone IX, choose randomly)
    • 12: Lower Legs (Zone VIII, choose randomly)
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