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April 14, 2012: Your Future Car Will .*.*. Heal Itself?

Defying the definition of "carbon-based life form," British scientist Lee Cronin claims he has created self-replicating cells out of metal. The applications of artificial intelligence that can evolve from a single cell, or what he refers to as iCHELLS, are mind-blowing if not a bit scary. Can you imagine getting into a car accident and watching your dents heal themselves? Or what'll happen when your computer is made out of living metal? Cybernetics and artificial intelligence suddenly seem a lot more possible. The idea of metal-based life forms may even change how scientists regard and search for extraterrestrial life.

Read the original story*Lifelike Cells Are Made Out of Metal*and the more recent article Is Metal the New Building Block of Life?*for additional information.

Monica Valentinelli

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