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Thread: Help with setting!

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    Help with setting!

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    I'm trying to figure out what the anti/evil/twisted versions of my races will be! Is anyone up for reading a block of text detailing what they are?

    My world is modern, but in the olde times they're were four main gods. Each had control of a season and one of five races. Humans had no god! The games gonna start without anyone having powers and then they gain them later. I have about 9 ideas for super hero origins each coming from a main power source but having different reasons why it's there. It's a bit complicated but simple if someone really wants me to talk about it!

    The four races and kinda based on two axis, light and dark/body and mind. Body and Mind were Primals and Beastkith. Primals were humanoid versions of non-horned mammals. They're strong and powerful.
    Beastkith and humanoid versions of Horned Mammals. They're reliant on their minds for power, with telekinesis and such
    The light and Dark were Dragons and Shadowgaunts.

    Dragons were well humanoid Dragon peeps with fire breath and pyrokinesis. They were bright and often shiny scaled people with a weakness to being in total darkness
    The Shadowgaunts are shadow creatures. They're substantial and not made of shadows though, you can touch and feel them. There skin looks pitch black and much like a living shadow with wisps of darkness coming off them.
    They have red lights for eyes, kinda like the go to anime red eye thing.
    They feed off people's emotions, sometimes they feed of the bad sometimes the good depends on the shadowgaunt.

    So the four brothers that came from the realm of gods, named the Brothers Jack, ruled the seasons and the races and it was good.

    The four brothers were cool with everything but the humans killed them cause they were all uppity and stuff. One brothers survived, the chief deity of the Beastkith. The corpses of these god-like beings were too much to just have die so they took different forms. From each sprung 90 creatures of pure hate and malice, each a twisted form of what the gods were and what they're race was.
    Now I have absolutely no idea what those twisted forms would be and it's been a week.
    so...any help would be super-appreciated!

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    I suggest that you make the creatures demented beings based on which brother they came form. So, 30 weird, twisted creatures that may be unique or based off of current things.... *shrug!*

    Sounds like a cool game also :P


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