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April 10, 2012: Suspense! Thrillers! On The Radio?!?!

Can't figure out what kind of GURPS adventure you want to run? Want to listen to a good old-fashioned mystery?* is a site that has collected a ton of old radio shows and offers them digitally for free. A few of the Strange Tales*I've listened to, like the eerie Marionettes that first aired on The Zero Hour narrated by Rod Serling in 1974, are offered intact commercials for RCA color televisions and all!*

Other gems include On the Air with Orson Welles, Radio at War, and The Great Gildersleeve Replay, which was one of broadcast radio's earliest spin-offs. You might remember Welles from his performance of The War of The Worlds in October 1938 and the mass hysteria it caused.

Hundreds of episodes are currently available to download directly from You can also listen to the genre of your choice by subscribing to*free podcasts from Relic Radio on iTunes.*

Monica Valentinelli

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