Hello all! I'm Kylen, a Southern Phoenix/Tempe resident in Arizona. Love the heat down here, and don't miss the cold of Ohio at all.

As for my credentials, I am a 6 year RPG vet, of both general RP (Play by Post with no real system, aka All Roleplay, no Rollplay) and Tabletop varieties. My perfered systems are Pathfinder, nWoD, Airship Pirates, Dresden Files, Dark Heresy, and Mutants and Masterminds. I am also familiar with a couple war games, and am interested in getting involved in a mercenary type game revolving around fighter jets. (ala Mercs and Planes, if any of you have heard of that little explosion of awesome) The only system I outright refuse to play is D&D 4e. I have already given it it's 3 chances, and I was unimpressed each time, though I WILL try not to devolve into a rant of all the reasons I dislike it.

I do have a few slight...issues though.
1. I am currently with out job, and thus with out a car, meaning unless you're closeish, or willing to pick me up, I'm unlikely to be able to attend.

2. I am currently with out job, meaning I can't really chip in on pizza or anything else. I'll do my damnest not to mooch, but I do apologize in advance if I do something stupid related to this.

So that's about it. Hope to find a few games, be them in RL or Online, and I hope to talk to a lot of you. Good Gaming everyone!