Hi there! How are you today? Thanks for taking the time to pop in here and read what I have to say. I'm a 41 yr old gamer that was a HUGE player in my teens but drifted away from the scene around the time TSR decided that if someone came in to work claiming they had a cool dream the night before they needed to publish it as a new setting I continued to read fantasy novels and started playing video rpgs in the late 90s, but I stayed away from the tabletop games.

Then, my father passed away in 2005 and I found myself looking to the things I'd loved in my youth to help me cope. I bought up all the original D&D hardcovers that I remembered on Ebay and then moved on to the 3.5 ones. Long story short, I find myself working on a new campaign setting and wanting to either DM or play the game again. So, here I am appealing to the PP&G forum masses

I'm looking for preferably an older group with players who have goals and aspirations for their characters and work with the DM to make the setting a more complete world rather than needing to be led by the hand. I don't like my genres mixed and prefer fantasy. My own homegrown settings tend to be 50% heroic, 50% epic fantasy. I won't rule out online games or play by posts, either. So, if any of this sounds workable or interests you, please post here or drop me a PM. Thanks again for your time