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Nox has a full adventurer's kit but looks like it doesn't contain a candle.
Yeah, I usually don't forget to put a candle or two on my characters, usually for adventuring story reasons.

Also, does the character that Rogur disabled at the beginning of the scene need to be stabilized, or if we are doing subdual damage are they automatically stabilized? If they need to be, then Yrisz might see to that as well.

I'm for completing the short rest, just like Palp suggested, but counting out the coin and making sure we are busy. That way we doing have to carry as many characters out this place.

Umi, like Palp always says, your post usually have at least one word that I have to look up. Umami was knew to me, though it shouldn't have been sense it is actually one of the five basic tastes. Oh well.