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Thread: Acqua Alta Finale Discussion

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    A player-based approach to speeding combat is more difficult to implement, but perhaps less pressure-intensive, as long as you don't let the need for keeping to the deadline get the better of you. To that end, I am willing to discuss and brainstorm tactics to increase the likelihood of completing a round within the posting period. One idea I have is to recommend that everyone check the site once a day, if possible. The actual posting requirements are unchanged: only twice a week, but a daily check should suffice when there is a need to answer questions.

    Also, it might be possible for me to ask questions at the end of the players' posting period, taking answers during my posting period, and preparing the combat round by the end of my posting period. This might be biting off more than we can chew, though, since it effectively doubles everyone's posting commitments. It's definitely something that we should test out first, before committing to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Palpatim View Post
    . . .
    Second, I used to rely on the PPG notification system to alert me immediately whenever a post was made. Since that is no longer happening, I've been relying on a calendar alert to remind me to check in once a day, in the morning. A once-per-day reminder works to keep my posts on schedule, but makes it difficult to be an effective contributor in an active forum with posts coming in at arbitrary times throughout the week. Have you heard anything from Farcaster regarding a resolution to this?

    . . .

    To that end, and to reinforce my first point above: Is the window east of #1 low enough and large enough that successful forced movement would cause him to fall out of it? If so, would an attempt to force that movement incur any unusual penalties because of the size or position of that window? If yes to 1 and no to 2, Rogur will stupidly stay toe-to-toe with #1 and try to push him through it. If not, Rogur will abandon the up-close and personal attack in favor of a running and then hiding. Gotta get that Sneak Attack damage back into play if we're going to survive here.
    I have not heard back from Farcaster. In terms of the site's overall functionality, I do not have any higher standing than the rest of you. Perhaps if a number of us posted followups to the discussion, we might raise awareness of the issue. In my case, since I do not use the notification system, I feel that I might be at a disadvantage when describing the issue.

    It is possible to push or slide #1 through the window, but he will get a saving throw against the effect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malk0lm View Post
    . . .
    Alternatively we could consider moving to another board entirely or trying to use a Google+ hangout or something to accomplish the same activity?
    . . .
    I will consider, but am not particularly willing, to move to another site. I think one of two conditions would have to be satisfied, first. Since I have generally made it a policy to avoid requiring any kind of registration on the part of the players beyond the use of this site, and nearly all sites require some kind of registration, I wouldn't change sites unless there was unanimous consensus among the players to do so. The other condition would be if the environment here causes play to become unsustainable. There are many aspects of play here that are buggy, inconvenient, or sub-optimal, but none, in my opinion, make play intolerable. Also, my suspicion is that this would be true for any other site, so the question becomes one of whether the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages of both the site itself, and the move to the site.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malk0lm View Post
    Noxias N:
    Move S one
    Minor Shut the door
    Std: Burst vs 1 targeting the square one north of 1 (targeting the empty square so that R is not hit)

    Noxias N+1:
    Assuming 1 is dead.
    Move: 4N next to rogur
    Std: Burst against first enemy to come through southern or sou'western door.

    See, here is the tricky part about posting moves so far ahead. If 1 is dead before my burst then I would like to move north to rally with R and K.

    EDIT: if the attack against 1 hits but isn't enough to kill him then can I use my Fiery Might? Or does that need to be declared beforehand?
    Since Noxias has shut the northern door, he has neither line of sight nor line of effect into the northern room. He would have to spend a minor action to open that door again, first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ithelryn View Post
    . . .
    A revised move of s,e, n, n, n is in order. Then by my measure, she will not have line of sight on any of the villains (thus I lose that lovely roll from earlier, alway a risk). So she will use her standard to move again. I don't want to grant an attack of opportunity with #1 (and I'm a bit vague on the exact interactions of the levels) so feel free to stop or alter her movements accordingly Umi in case I've caused this. The finish turn should look like:

    Move: S, E, N, N, N
    Standard as a move: NX2 (difficult terrain for stair), E, S, S
    For Yrisz's second move action, did you mean W when you wrote E? In terms of opportunity attacks, #1 threatens the square northwest of him, but not the one due north of him. It does look like Yrisz's second move would, whether going west or east, invite an opportunity attack, since she'll be leaving the threatened square northwest of #1. Assuming you meant west, the following move would not allow an opportunity attack: NE (cost 2), NW (cost 2), SW (cost 2), and 2xS. As the total cost of that move is 8, it would have to take more than one move action, probably spread across more than one turn.
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