Well now, the game is afoot.

The arrival of the gruesome twosome definitely changes my action this round for Yrisz, Umi. She's still going to move up, though I think that standing where Noxias is seems a rather bad idea at the moment.

In fact, I rather thinking of dropping her initiative to the bottom of the round (or the top of the next round if it is all the same).

The idea is that she then moves up the stair until she has line of sight on #8 (ideally, #1 if he proves significantly closer) and fires off Astral Seal. Light cover is fine, full cover is not.

So what I'm thinking:

Move:E, N, N, NE (stop at any point in this process once a partial or ideally full line of sight is achieved).

Standard: Astral Seal
* Astral Seal Wis+2 vs Ref *

Does that look reasonable?

I still think we rather need to rest as soon as it can be managed, some of our hit points are getting s slight bit thin.