The spearman's retort dies in his throat as Konstanz' magic washes over him like blue flame. Seeing his opportunity, Rogur steps in and delivers a quick thrust to the man's thigh. It sinks in and elicits a grunt of pain and a backward stumble. Rogur follows with a quick overhand feint that causes the spearman to retreat again, raising his spear. But the spearman failed to mind his surroundings: his backward steps takes him into the wall. He catches his heel on the edge of the low window and tumbles backward, clutching vainly for the side of the window but unwilling to relinquish his weapons to get a better grip. Rogur gives a sardonic salute as the other falls backward through the window, to hit the water below with a loud splash.

Rogur quickly moves to the door Noxias recently closed and cracks it open, ready to defend himself. He sees only the wizard, crouched beside a window and muttering in some eldritch tongue. "We're clear on this side. What's it look like over here?" he asks the Eladrin.