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As Noxias and Yrisz deliver their replies, Konstansz and Rogur are looking ready to deliver their attacks. The speaker claps his arm briefly around the shoulder of the other man and whispers a few words into his ear. The grim-faced man doesn't reply, but takes aim and fires his crossbow before Noxias can finish his spell. His quarrel shoots down from the ramshackle tower in a straight line; the target is Yrisz.

The quarrel is deflected by her mail coat, but even as the miss registers, the man has cocked the one in his hand. The move is made with blinding speed, and the second shot tears a handful of links from her armor. His second reload takes a little longer, as he needs to fish out more quarrels, but with his overhand crank, he can load and cock the bolt at the same time. A moment later, he is already adjusting his aim for a third shot.

The speaker follows suit a moment later. His crossbow bolt splinters apart painfully when it hits Yrisz's armor. Without manually reloading, he simply pulls a lever on his crossbow, and another quarrel is in position, ready to be fired.

A guard shows up at the corner of the northwestern tower, burning torch in hand. She hurls it into the midst of the debris, causing small flock of alarmed creatures to take to the air. Some of them are a little too late, as mere seconds later, the pile violently erupts, and a cloud of fiery garbage rains down on Noxias and Rogur. Amazingly, none of it lands on them or their boat, but they find themselves in the middle of a mass of burning refuse.