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Acqua Alta Finale
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Thread: Acqua Alta Finale

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    Acqua Alta Finale

    Acqua Alta Conclusion - High Water

    Acqua Alta Finale Main Post #1

    This is the first Acqua Alta Finale main post. Players' posts in open threads are due by 11 pm, Tuesday, March 6th. The next main post will appear by 11 pm, Friday, March 9th.

    Orange light flares around the four of you. You feel a strong surge of emotion: the satisfaction of suddenly remembering a lost dream and the puzzlement of how you could have forgotten in the first place. For some unknown time, you hang in a state of reverie, and then it's lost, just as before.

    The air is suddenly close, stale, and chillier. The vine-covered, red walls of packed earth are now windowless walls of stone, and the sapphire blue sky is now just a ceiling of dark plaster. At the boundaries of the circle's fading glow, you see the burnt-down remnants of the eleven candles Zephyr lit when he performed the ritual here.
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