GM's Day Sale

We only do two comprehensive sales a year and GM's day is the big one, From now till March 7th nearly every Rite Publishing Proudct is 30% offwe will also be doing daily specials every day, make sure to check the Rite Publishing facebook page. Today's special is 50% off Coliseum Morpheuon

Think you have enough feats for your barbarian to choose from? Think again!

101 Barbarian Feats gives you – yes, you guessed it – 101 feats for your barbarian that will help you realize the vision you’ve had for your character.

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Watch Your Step!

Rite Publishing’s imprint Lone Tree Games has released their third major kit of paper models to enhance your tabletop experience! Fold-n-Go Sewer Kit #1 will amaze you with beautifully detailed art, ease of assembly and the broad utility of a sewer system that can appear in virtually any campaign setting or genre you play in. This kit also includes a new innovative feature of a fully customizable floor so you can place sewage, sloped edges of the sewage trough and drain grates where you want them before you print it out, creating a truly unique experience for your game.

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Pathways #13

Get it now for free, it has templates, domains, feats, archetypes, interviews, editorials and reviews

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