Do you remember (or wish you remembered) the heady days of high adventure when the best computer RPG available was Zork and required a boot disc? Do you remember wondering what kind of bow Eric had and why it was missing from the DMG? Do you recall a time before THACO where hits and misses were determined by looking at the table below the scimitar? Well if so I may have a campaign for you!

Seriously, I am a thirty something who was an avid gamer in the 80’s but kind of fell out of gaming just when 2nd edition was being released. Lately I have wanted to play but it’s hard to find a group that plays “old school” games located within 30 minutes of my home.

My campaign would be based on the T, A, I, C, and G/D/Q series TSR modules. I know we have played (or wish we had played) most of them, but they are classics that can be run over and over again IMHO.

Let me know if you are in the Pierce / South King county area and are interested in starting a 1e (or possibly 2e) campaign based on the classic Greyhawk adventures.