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Thread: Song of Ice and Fire - Drow Style

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    Song of Ice and Fire - Drow Style

    Name: Cresslu’velve: Secrets and Shadows
    Site: It is an 18+ site, but there will not be any DM to player adult content. Player/player or individual stories are permitted, if all parties involved wish to do so.
    System: A Song of Ice and Fire Role Play
    Game Style: Play by Post
    Game Premise: There are 8 districts in the city of Cresslu’velve, and each district is ruled by a Major House. The matrons of these houses make up the the Kult’ressinen, the ruling body of the city. Among these, there is a Great House, who’s voice carries the most weight, and who every other house strives to overthrow to take their place.

    Below these eight Major Houses are numerous Minor Houses. Just as the Major Houses strive to become the Great House, so to do the Minor Houses strive to usurp the Major House they serve.

    Right now we have 5 players, so the Great House will be NPCed. If we get 8 players, then I will choose who’s house is the Great House based on your stats. If we get more than 8, then we will begin to have player controlled Minor Houses, as well.

    Magic will still be present, and mechanics have already been created for it.

    Please PM me if you are interested, or email fenixphire at

    Thanks for looking!
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