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Thread: AD&D 2nd ed PBeM group looking for a few new players

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    AD&D 2nd ed PBeM group looking for a few new players

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    First off, we use a different forum for our game-
    You can email me at

    This has been a really long running PBEM, over 5 years now. But, as with any long running campaigns, we have, over time lost some players. As a result, I have some openings. We are at a new point in the game where the party is trying to decide the course of their futures and achieving new goals. Because of the scope of the campaign and time it has been played, the backstory is QUITE extensive and I will be glad to summarize in an email to interested players as well as give you access to the forum so that you can scan through the posts ( has been running for along time and will be like reading the encyclopedia britannica set and may seem a bit overwhelming for players). We post in a forum as opposed to emails, to better allow conversation between players and facilitate the teamwork of the party.

    New characters are welcome, but because of the nature of the campaign, there are some rather important characters who are in need of new players and you might want to take a look at them. New players will begin as 6th level multi-classed or 7th level single-classed. I will assign a couple very minor magic items (you will have to earn the good stuff). The existing characters already are established in the group and have far better magic than new characters will start with.

    Up for grab (existing characters in need of new players)

    Halfling Fighter/Thief THE stealth guy, tends to be curious and is expected to get into trouble

    Elven archer, just cured from a bout of insanity....we think

    Half elf Bard (by an odd twist of fate, you will be allowed to chose whether you are male or female for this adventure)

    The party has battled for years following a quest (which they completed), gotten embroiled in a little political strife and at the footsteps of becoming major players in the realm. They have powerful enemies and allies and are changing directions right now as they begin to prepare for the next stage in the realm's evolution.

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    how often do you request actions/posts? daily, ever 2nd or 3rd, etc?
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