A Wake of Buzzards...

It's been 10 years since the Czerka Corporation's Orbital Reclamation Platform ORTH-R1 "The Kraken" started operation in orbit over the junk planet Raxus Prime, and business has never been better. Conflicts between the Republic and the Sith Empire are generating a steady stream of crippled and subsequently decommissioned warships through the station.

Heady times for a contract junkman like Volker Brom and his corps of dedicated Skinners (salvage engineers specializing in stripping salvageable parts from over-sized spacecraft).

Now, the Angkor Vesh, a massive luxury liner and infamous "ghost ship", has just arrived in the Kraken's scrap zone. Bound for stripping and scuttling on one of Raxus Prime's scrap-continents, the Vesh, or the "Heap" as it has been affectionately rechristened, now rests in the hands of the Skinners.

---Characters can be members of any species, and come from any background - Jedi, Bounty Hunter, etc (even Sith) - but, in the beginning, they are making a living (or hiding out, or remaining inconspicuous, etc) as salvage-crew members.

The only caveat I’d add is that the more exotic the background (i.e. Jedi, Sith, etc), the more creative the reason you should come up with for why you are now working as a starship "Skinner" in orbit above Raxus Prime. Characters’ backgrounds (nemeses, etc) will be integrated into the events of the campaign.

If this sounds interesting to you, e-mail me at enkidu71@gmail.com.