So basically here's the rundown (I am excluding much of the details that would make this sound a little more interesting): An orc druglord named Grush has been kidnapping young human women of the city of Core, breeding with them, and raising the half-orcs in his operational base. Last week, however, his newest and most jaw dropping victim is Serrina VanHalsen, princess of the city. A reward of life of luxury within the VanHalsen castle is being offered for anybody who can bring the princess back safe and alive and who can bring Grush back dead. Fliers stating this are around town, and the PC's see it and go off to King Fileas VanHalsen to retrieve Serrina; All the while, however, a band of Elves is after the same goal (These elves are not evil, even by the PC's perception; just a little in the way.)

Fileas informs the PC's that a funeral for a half-orc is being held today, and that Grush may be there. As the PC's arrive, they are greeted by an orc dressed in flamboyant clothing, guarded by 4 halforcs. As it turns out, the orc is Grush, and makes a deal with the PC's: He will meet with them, given they can beat the half-orc guards he has on his sides. So Grush slips away, and the Half-orcs are left to take care of the PC's.

A map of directions leading to Grush's hideout is found on the bodies of one of the fallen half-orcs. When the PC's get there, Grush's hideout is a complex maze-like area. Various journals and entries lead to hints as to what is going to come and what his goals are, such as how he desires human women and half-orcs for their loyalty and intelligence, and drawings of a giant bird flying in the sky. The door to Grush's room is locked by 2 keys; found on bodies of Half-Orc guards and magic users found in the various rooms, such as the kitchen, and the study.

Grush's room is large, with an open roof. When they enter, it is just Grush and Serrina, who appears to be pregnant. Grush tries to reason with the PC's that they cannot attack him, for he is the father of the next prince of Core. If the PC's agree, skip down to the next paragraph. If not, then Grush and the PC's enter combat. Grush is a level 3 Orc fighter/ Level 2 Orc Sorcerror. Even if the PC's win or lose, the outcome will be the same; If Grush would have won, the PC's do not die, just get down to unconsiousness. If the PC's would have won, a spell is casted from Grush that immobilizes them.

Grush smirks adamantly as he calls out, "Take them away, my great beast!" A Roc will fly down onto the field and take the unconscious/immobilized PC's away. When they gain consciousness, they are in a strange foreign world, far from Core. I plan on basing this world off of Latin American history, with Mayan and Aztec-based rituals in the settlement that they find while wandering. Here, Oracles are highly revered, and can see from across the world. Eventually they speak of a war raging in the largest settlement in the world; Core.

This game starts off as a simple task; Retrieve the Princess and get the life of luxury. But as they are on the other side of the world, Oracles speak of changes in their home, and the son that Serrina bears is the ticket Grush needs to get into power. The PC's go through many side-quests and challenges that will help them get home and draw the story together (Such as gaining trust of four head monks to pass through the mountains, and joining a pirate's crew.)

I would like to hear some feedback, whether it be "Your game sucks," "Good idea, but heres something to change..." or "This doesnt make sense!" is up to you. I would mostly like help on two major areas.

Area I - What are some tasks that the PC's could face once they are out of Core? I do not plan on making them stay in the Mayan-civilization for very long, but I do want to incorporated some real-world cultures and ideas into the world that is so strange from Core.

Area II - What is something to substitute the Roc as the beast taking away the PC's in the beginning? I just don't think that the Roc suffices. I would love to hear some ideas, be it a Purple worm or some magical beast.

Thank you for reading, and please, feedback?