Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale:

During this once a year sale nearly every Rite Publishing retail product will be 30% off from now till November 30th . But in addition there are also three special PDF products on sale for nearly 80% off the cover price

Only $1.99!
  • The Gift(PFRPG), the first adventure in The Curse of the Golden Spear Trilogy, get a taste of a dark japanesse horror fantasy setting with which to enrapture and disturb your players.

    Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG), 30+ new and original creations plus sample monsters from beyond the core book. Suprise every jaded player you have who has memorized the Bestiary.

    A Witch's Choice (Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved), the first adventure in the Rituals of Choice adventure path. Start in on an epic jounery where your players choices really matter.