So my old campaign fell by the wayside so I have begun a new one with the same players, here is the premise.

This will be a campaign that spans from the start of the Clone Wars all the way to the destruction of the first Death Star or the capture of the second Death Star plans (haven't decided yet).

Another "revolutionary" thing I am doing for this campaign is writing it in Episodes, like the films. I will write an entire campaign, then we will play through it, then take a month off so I may write the next campaign, and so on. So far so good!

So far the players, a clone trooper, a human Jedi, a protocol droid, and a human scoundrel, are all part of a special unit put together by the Jedi Council and the Supreme Chancellor.

They finished their first campaign, ending a collaboration between the Separatists and the Zygerrian Slavers.

More updates to come as the game progresses!