Starting this year, I will be running a series of six small adventures using MapTool, set in the lands of Elveald, Pellamar, and one other. These will be adventures for up to six paragon tier player characters. The adventures will be sequential, each subsequent one based on the events of the previous one. I expect the length of each adventure to roughly correspond to a single story segment of The Autumn Knight. The name of this micro-campaign is Dispositio Diabolum.

For the first adventure, Exordium, characters will begin at the 11th level. Characters who were previously in The Autumn Knight adventure may be used; Exordium begins five years after the end of that quest. However, no knowledge of The Autumn Knight adventure is needed to participate in this campaign. Based on past experience, one level will be gained every two or three adventures, so a character who completes the entire campaign will probably be 13th level by the end.

More information concerning setting, situation, character creation, and eventually scheduling, will be posted to this thread in the coming weeks.