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Someone was whistling, and it was a tune Scarred Marshant knew well, but it was no shanty. It was a haunted bit of a tune—the sort of thing you hear in the lower churches what teach the worship of demons. He’d never heard the tune, strict to truth. He only half-remembered it, the song that sounded like his own thoughts, like the inside of his skull was singing.

The whistling lad was a boy of maybe sixteen, swabbing the aft deck lackadaisically, gazing out over the astral mists. “Where you hear that song, son?” Marshant asked. “You pick that up in the hub?”

“Nah, it’s somewhat I’m putting together for my jenny back home, yeah?” The boy was staring out to starboard, barely paying Marshant any mind. He set the mop down in its bucket, not noticing when both clattered across the deck spilling water out into the fog of the Astral. The boy started walking, stumbling like he was half-sleeping toward the starboard rail…

Marshant stopped him, despite the boy’s weak protests. “You listen to me, son,” he said. “You’re going to go find the boatswain, and you’re going to tell him there’s somewhat out there, yeah? Somewhat that’s dangerous and is probably going to kill you when you get to her.”

The boy looked at him then, panic filling his eyes. “What is she?” the boy asked. Marshant started his way down to his cabin for his sword and his prayer book.

“She’s a killer,” he said over his shoulder. “And she’s killed better men than you.”

The astral caprieae is a mouthless humanoid psychic parasite native to barren islands in the Astral. They can wait for years between meals but never pass up the opportunity to feed.

Astral Caprieae (Level 12 Elite Controller)

Medium fey humanoid (psychic); XP 1,400
Initiative +9; Perception +16, darkvision

HP 240; Bloodied 120
AC 23, Fortitude 24, Reflex 27, Will 30
Speed 6, fly 4 hover
Resist 10 psychic, charm, and illusion; Vulnerability 10 thunder
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1

Aura of Weakened Resolve • Aura 2
A creature that starts its turn in the aura is weakened and takes a

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