Oversized (24 x 36) and visually striking battlemaps from Conflict Games:

  • Double-Sided
  • Wet/Dry Erase Friendly
  • HUGE - Oversized (24"x36")

The False Peace battlemaps are Double-Sided and Wet/Dry erase friendly. Using the standard 1 inch miniature grid, these miniatures battle maps is symmetric balance to provide incredible strategic combat. Though designed exclusively for the Conflict Roleplaying PvP System, this map is versatile enough to be used with any roleplaying system that uses a 1 inch miniature grid (i.e., 3.5, 4e D&D, Star-Wars, Pathfinder).

Top, bottom, and side coordinates are added to the map for easy-to-read and easy-to-follow map points. This adds accuracy of your player's and creatures moves.
A must have for all GMs (if we may say so ourselves! )

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