...dealing with a ridiculous amount of fragmentation in Seattle's gaming community!

Not complaining though. It's an opportunity to come out of my shell and meet new people in new forums and to build character(s).

Anyways, I'm just posting because I felt like I should 1) introduce myself, and 2) pimp my game to the locals.

My name is Matt, I've been gaming for some 20-odd years, and that's probably the most exciting thing about me. More exciting is the fact that I'm trying to get together a group to play Promethean: the Created, which is at the top of my must-play list right now. I'm also involved in 2 other D&D games right now, but I want something a little more cerebral and visceral than high fantasy is providing. So check it out, even if you're only curious in passing, and maybe I'll see you in person one day.