Hello, friends.
Im looking into started an online VT campaign in a modern post apoc setting. horror survival, still working out the system i want to use im leaning towards savage lands or Call of Cthuhlu. Im probably going to run it Bi- weekly Thrusdays probably 3-4 hour session at a time sometime mid/later evening till about 11:30-12 central time.

a little about what i have going is players have no idea what had happened they have been unconscious, stuck under rubble or knocked out from what had happened. players still unaware what had happen, wake up, get free and walk into a land that id been laid to waste building leveled to the ground dead bodies everywhere the smell of death just lingering. players are charged with restarting life and finding a safe settlement to start rebuilding. With many obstacles in the way, how will the players overcome the horrors that await them in the fresh new hell. with lite zombie action heavy mutant nomads and strange folk through out the new said world.

as far as anyone know its been a series of natural disasters followed by war with no sign of nuclear waste radiation seems to be the least of your worries.

if this sounds like something you could get into send me a line and we can start talking times/systems that can be used.