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Thread: Star Wars: Tapestry, Volume III

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    Fi didn't hear the message in Tam's voice. She didn't even hear it as words, exactly. In truth, she heard it as music: Tam's theme. A distant melody, carried by the wind. But she understood exactly what it meant.

    She gaped in shock at the hole, the size of a small town, torn directly through the hull of the fearsome Super Star Destroyer Executor by Tam's Morning Star fleet and the last of the Rebel cruisers. She was also aware that her jump coordinates, sent to the Whydah much earlier by the retreating Rebel craft, pointed directly through it.

    But not for long.

    "All hands," she whispered into the comm. "Is Tam with you? Do you..."

    Another tear. One more for the pile. "Do you see Tam?"

    She closed her eyes in anguish as the expected negatives came back.

    "Fi!" Zealos Reil shouted over the comm. "When Tam said we'd see an opening, he wasn't kidding! Are you ready to jump?"

    Fi slumped back into the Whydah's pilot's chair. Cali, noticing the older girl's resignation, reached out to grab the hyperdrive levers.

    Thank you, Tam.

    "Punch it."

    Wordlessly, Cali did as instructed. In the space over Dantooine, the Whydah, followed by Reil's X-wing, seemed to stretch slightly. Then both craft shot through the hole in the Executor and vanished from the combat zone in a tiny blink of light.
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    Star Wars: Tapestry
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