Hey, I'm a DM for the upcoming 2nd playtest of the 'Living Game', a 4E-based online 'mmo-type' D&D world. The website for this game is www.rpgtonight.com.

I'll post a brief summary by the creator of this game, The Hound. The playtests begin January 3rd. If you're interested in playing, PM The Hound on the forums or sign up through the Living Game threads. Hound has created an fascinating world from scratch which includes imagined nobles, religions, and regions. Check it out if you're interested.

The world's first online, real time, "living tabletop game". This game engine is part of a much larger, longer term project which involves the creation of an online tabletop style "living game" (for lack of a better term) - a giant online game featuring weekly sessions involving multiple GMs and potentially hundreds of players, all interacting with one another in a persistant world, the fate and history of which is determined by the character's actions. Think of it as a massively interactive living game, or maybe an MMORPG or MUD done table top style (i.e. with dice, miniatures, and maps) with the emphasis on role playing, and with all the action determined by players, GMs, and admins.

This is a highly experimental concept that has never been tried before (at least not in the way that we are doing it). We are currently in the playtesting phase.

- The Hound

The website is: www.rpgtonight.com