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Starwars Mini's at target
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Thread: Starwars Mini's at target

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    Starwars Mini's at target

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    I don't know if any you have been to your local Target (I live in Los Angeles) but they have been carrying Starwars Booster packs for some time at discount rate 7.99 -8.99. You usually find them either in toys or with the collectable cards. About a month ago the Clone war packs were reduced to 4.99.

    BUT Right now, however, the Clone War sets are ringing up as 1.24 per pack. So you might want to check out your local Target store if your interested in picking up some cheap minis.

    Maybe in few months the others will go down in price as well. Keep your eye on the Target

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    Thanks for the 411, wizarddog. I was going by Target later today so I will definitely take a look.
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