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Thread: Character Creation

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    Character Creation

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    Keys to the Force is a Starwars Saga Edition game. The timeframe of the story is after the Revenge of the Sith story and before the formation of the Rebellion; referred as The Dark Times. Some liberties are taken with chronology and canon events in the StarWars expanded universe for the justification of a playable story.

    Key story elements with the Campaign revolve around the mystery of the Outbound Flight Mission and many elements in the Unknown Region of Space.

    The Following is some basic rules in character creation:

    1. Normal character creation rules and starting credits apply. Players may use point buy or standard array for their PC's.

    2. The campaign utilizes all books, with special emphasis on Force Unleash, Starships of the Galaxy, and The Unknown Regions. Any talents, races, feats, etc. from other books are available. Era of technology and discovered races are not really an issue.

    3. Players who choose to play Jedi are hunted by the Empire and try to keep their heritage secret. PC's can also play force sensitive individuals, who may also be hunted by Empire forces and its allies for bounty or recruitment.

    4. Because of the Empires influence, PC's are restricted to up to licensed equipment if they legally want to carry it. As players gain more technology, they have the option of using unlicensed or illegal equipment provided they wish to take the risk should they reenter civilized systems or encounter Empire Forces.


    1. PC's should develop character histories that reflect their antipathy to the Empire and list at least one event in their life where the actions (or inactions) of Empire resulted in harm to the PC or to someone close.

    2. The beginnings of the story has the PC's working with the Antarian Rangers and the outcast Jedi. PC's are free to develop their PC's in whatever direction they wish. As PC's die, players drop, and new player add, their origins will be more related to the events in the story and not the so much the prelude.

    3. Guilt by Association: to keep players focused in common goals, all heros are subject to the status of other individuals. If the group manages to keep under the Empire's radar, they are not seen as criminals/enemies of the New Order. If they become enemies, even a hero with "Empire Connections" is an Enemy.

    Story Concepts

    Keys to the Force occasionally uses other sci-fi elements in addition to space opera typical of StarWars stories. Such influences will include Star Trek, Firefly, Blakes 7, Doctor Who, and Red Dwarf and the works of Issac Asimov, Authur C. Clark, and other science fiction writers.

    Adventures will be role-playing and action oriented with emphasis on episodic arc story telling.


    1. Characters will be spending a good portion of their time in the unknown regions interacting with civilizations that are aligned loosely with the Empire or independent.

    2. PC's will have access to the Wendigo, a Modified Republican Cruiser. As the heros progress, they will have opportunities improve the Wendigo's capacities. Hereos will also benefit in taking talents and feats that will make their use of the ship effective (i.e piloting, gunnery, mechanics, computers, etc).

    3. Credits are less and less useful in the Unknown regions not trading with the Empire. Therefore, commodities are a better sources for trading. Players may use their abilities and the ship to build resources. They may apply credits to improve the ship at the appropriate "civilized" port. Heroes start with maximum credits for their class.

    XP is rewarded for goal and objective completion. Players receive XP for completing set goals. Such goals can be accomplished through various styles of play, direction, or discretion. Players earn the same amount of XP if they kill every solider in their path or never fire single shot, as long as the objective has been met.

    Most gaming is done every week. Players who don't attend become part of the background of crew aboard the Wendigo.

    If a player loses a PC, he can draw one from the ships crew or as above. New Players are drawn from the crew as well unless specific story elements and a good background works itself into the game.

    Passage of Time
    The time that passes between sessions is the same as in the campaign. It is assumed unless otherwise noted, that a week passes between the adventures. During that time, the players may use the down time to build and repair things. Players may also use that time to recover from ability damage, disease, and hit point loss. Players may also use the time to take gather information checks or try to gain contacts.

    For example: A week long gather information check is like taking 20 but without exposing themselves to observation.

    If a player misses a session, then it is assumed they used those missing weeks doing something.

    In cases where the players have not finished an adventure by session end, the weeks passages occur after the players finish the adventure and begin a new one, as determined by the GM.
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