Hi guys,

I'm thinking about making a 'tinkering ranger' that's makes all kind of gadgets and weapons for capturing and killling prey: he's somewhat of an urban bounty hunter, that is a member of a (semi-criminal) guild in a big city.

that includes the skills:
- craft weapons
- craft Alchemy

I'm also thinking about takng the 'Master Craftsman' feat, so that I can use the 'Craft Arms & Armour' feat. ...and make some magical items myself. Probably I'll max out the 'craft Alchemy' skill.

I'm thing about making my Bow:
- a 'bane' weapon
- a 'Holy' weapon
- and maybe 'seeking'

Would you consider the 'craft Arms and Armour' feat worth it and the 'master Craftsman' feat in particular?.

I primarily like the idea and atmosphere of it, but doubt if if it's worth 2 feats to get a 50% discount on items.

Thanks, Everett