I've updated the schedule for NW Georgia PFS Game Days and Game Nights from Dec 2010 through April 2011. We have a good many Tier 5-9 and Tier 7-11 games scheduled, with a scatterring of Tier 1-5/1-7.
Dates include:
Dec 8
Dec 15
Dec 29
Jan 12
Jan 15
Jan 26
Feb 9
Feb 23
Mar 9
Mar 19
Mar 23
Apr 6
Apr 16
Apr 20
To reserve a seat at any game day, please visit our website at Pathfinder Society of Georgia and look in the forums.
Also, if you would like any module run that is not currently scheduled, please let me know. I have a pool of DMs and it is fairly easy to add a scenario to any game day or game night.