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Because I know enough about the Freemasons. How they started, why they are the organization that they are. I know about the lowly little clubs where it's really just a bunch of guys drinking... And then I know about the ones in Scotland where they do have the high ranking officials and deal in some crazy rituals. I don't mean they kill people or control the world, but I know that there are a lot of robes and swords involved.

Just an organization I got really interested in at one point, and they're just ominous enough to blame.
If you know how we were formed, then you know more than ALL the Freemasons. There are some good STORIES, and some anecdotal evidence, but past that it's nothing more than a Dan Brown novel!!

And the Lodges in Scotland are just like the Lodges in the US - just with more Scotsmen in them. When we're all dolled up, there are several people with swords and during some of the rituals, some/most of us (depends on how many folks are at the meeting!) are dressed in robes.

If you really want an ominous group to blame, I'd be looking at the Girl Scouts... damned cookie mafia...