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The city of Orthanis was once a coastal trading metropolis, but after a centuries long war with a dark god and geography altering titanic magic Orthanis finds itself landlocked in an arid plain - the center for black market trading, assasination contracts, slavery, and dark magic. The city is massive - with noble houses battling for control of a corporate business structure controlling the city called "The Banking Industry" brimming with espionage, extortion, and murder. Adventures find themselves at the bottom of the ladder, trying desperately to climb up, with the ever-present oppressive watchfulness of a monotheistic conquering Dark God looking over their shoulder.

Everybody comes to the Shores of Orthanis to find what they want, but they get what they pay for...

- This game uses the Pathfinder d20 rules set.

- This game is highly tactical. I run combat on grid maps which are unique and computer generated. I add combat effects, player characters, props, etc. using Photoshop and I update the maps every combat round.

- I use full color illustrations, most of which are customized for the game.

- I consider this game to be of an 'Advanced RPG skillset'. Novice gamers will find themselves quickly overwhelmed, and even talented, experienced gamers will find themselves challenged - not by the difference between APL and the CR of encounters per say - but by the detail, thoughtfulness, and depth of the game.

- I run the game with a Combat GM. My Combat GM runs all my NPC's, and I storyboard the entire campaign with him. By having two GM's the game is uniquely flavorful.

- I run the game on a third party forum, Roleplay Online - The Shores of Orthanis. This forum requires all applicants to verify they are an adult in their place of residence by submitting an age verification waiver. This comes in the form of "My DOB is XX/XX/XXXX and I am an adult in my place of residence." I need that quote submitted in the private message you send to join, verbatum. I honestly don't care what your DOB is, I'm not collecting personal information. As long as it makes you an adult in your place of residence.

- I require posting 5 days a week minimum, 7 days a week in combat. This is a fast paced PbP game, and I don't want 6-8 people waiting and getting bored. If you can't post a lot, consistantly, this game isn't for you. If your posts are more than 48 hours apart, you will be removed from the game due to inactivity.

This is a highly organized, well thought out, fast paced PbP game. Not for the weak of heart, not for kids, not for novice gamers, not for novice posters. If you're reading this and consider yourself to be an experienced poster and gamer, please apply to join my game. I would value your participation, and so would the other gamers! I'd like to think the testimonials from the PC's who have already played would be quite positive.

I have recently 'split' the game into a Two Tier system (Tier 1 & 2). Originally, Shores was an 'Evil Alignment Only' game - Tier 1 still is. For evil alignments only, Tier 1 is designed for the most advanced, active PbP players. Tier 1 offers a full compliment of features that I've designed for the game, and is a strong test of roleplaying character and 'grit'.

Not as well trained or equipped, but never to be underestimated, the good aligned 'Tier 2' fight for freedom, bravery, and justice in a dark, shadowed game setting. I call this group 'Tier 2' and I aim to make it easy to play for any gamer - only it will be Shores of Orthanis style with tactical combat and a well run / well paced storyboard. I still hold rigid posting guidelines for timeliness and pace, but the encounters are designed to be easier and less technical.

I encourage any and all gamers who wish to be involved in a PbP of top caliber to apply for Shores of Orthanis. I'll add player testimonials in a following post shortly.