Currently running a chatroom DnD campaign. In this campaign, my players are soon to begin traveling the world in search of powerful artifacts.

The word artifact is somewhat abstract, as these range from a gem is constantly surrounded by a hurricane-force seastorm to the control rod of a race of flesh golems in a civil war hidden beneath an island. Case and point.. I need more.

The campaign is going to center around collecting roughly 10 artifacts, the results of their encounters playing out heavily in the ending of the story, which will range from a good end to a horrific slaughterfest should they end up in the wrong hands.

The 'wrong hands' will more than likely be those of my players, as they are mostly an evil party by nature.

So I would like some suggestions, just random ideas as to what you consider to be an artifact. I've made an effort to avoid pre-written worlds (Faerun, Eberron) and items (Rod of Wonder and the like), to make things less generic in my campaigns, which helps to spice things up... but I simply need ideas. Any suggestions?

If needed i can provide more details on the campaign.