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Thread: Mass Combat Help?

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    Incidentally, a good place to buy Poker Chips is your local dollar store. Depending on their supplier, you can get a pack of 3 to 4 colours, with 13 to 20 chips of each colour. Generally, if you only get 3 colours you get about 40 white, 20 red, 20 blue. If you get 4 colours, then you'll get 13 to 20 each of white, blue, red and either green or yellow.

    On a related note, a great place to find figurines for mass combat is actually Toys R Us. You can get buckets of either knights, pirates, or fantasy heroes for about $13 a bucket. The knights are divided between black and gray figurines. They also come with a functioning cannon and catapult (these require small rubber bands to be fired) and a battering ram. The pirates figurines are divided between the pirates who are made of black plastic, and undead skeletons made of white plastic. The fantasy heroes have barbarians, wizards, orcs, elves, etc. They're a little larger than Reaper's figurines, but as representatives of faceless, nameless, expendable soldiers they're pretty good.

    If you want the figurines to be nicely painted like your character figurines, I highly suggest that you cut them free from their stands and then glue them onto the bases for figurines purchased from gaming stores. There's two reasons for this. One, the plastic figurines are so light that they'll be blown right over by the aerosol primer/sealant. The new base makes them more bottom heavy and able to stand up to the aerosol spray. Second, spray primer and/or sealant warps the plastic that these figurines are made from. If not glued to a new base, you'll have a heck of a time getting them to stand after you've sprayed them.

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    That's an awesome idea, I'm going to look into that. Both of those stores are close-by.

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