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DevBlogging: The people of War!

War is interesting for its battles, its strategies and tactics, but what can really grab you are the characters involved. I love Ken Burns’ Civil War miniseries, and when I go back and re-watch it, it’s so I can spend time with the earnest Elisha Hunt Rhodes, the gentlemanly Robert E. Lee, and the brilliant and daring-to-the-point-of-insane Nathan Bedford Forrest. And then there’s Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Stonewall Jackson, Frederick Douglass, Grant, Sherman, and hovering above it all one of the greatest characters in all history, Abraham Lincoln.

War is larger than life, so it demands larger-than-life characters. I want the War! sourcebook to be full of those characters, and I’m happy with what I’m seeing, especially in the mercenary section. The writers were definitely smokin’ the freelancer crack, as we like to say, and coming up with a bunch of back stories for a vivid cast of characters that you’d hate to meet in a dark alley–unless you’d already signed up to be on their side.

One important thing about the characters of War! is they need to be people runners might encounter. Damien Knight, Lofwyr, Richard Villiers, and others are great characters, but it’s not likely that normal runners will run into them. What I want to see in War! are streets full of weird, unseemly, and dangerous people the runners will encounter as they go about their business. People like that will bring the Bogotá setting to life–and so far, that’s what I’m seeing.

Oh, and I should add that there’s a portrait of one of these characters, one I said in the art notes should look kind of like Sonia Braga with short hair, that came out awesome.